Your outbreak data is valuable at scale.
Protect my community
Safer for everyone.
Realize the value of your risk
Share critical safety data & outbreak risks with the local business community to prevent outbreaks & enable deployment of health & safety professionals.
Instant alerts for unknown risks
Your workforce & response teams can equip themselves to deal with severity of incidents & even implement evacuation protocols, if required.
Community & People Win
Cowin provides the appropriate infrastructure & controls to trace, isolate & respond to an emergency or pandemic outbreak. Minimize your risk & protect human life with Cowin solutions.
No downsides. Gain peace of mind.
Our privacy policy & encryption protocols ensure sensitive information is secure. Share limited access information to enable the creation of a safer community.
Reboot, or run in ghost mode.
You can leave us to protect your with real-time information. You can leave anytime.
We leverage state of the art tech to enable data sharing within communities.