Your recipe to being a truly great counsellor
Meet Ms. Pratibha Deshpande - a Psychologist, Author & an experienced trainer in the field of counselling. with the support of Ms.Pratibha Deshpande launches a one of a kind 'Career Counsellor Course; with online certifications for basic & advanced career counselling.

The Cowin Career counsellor is an all-in-one guide that teaches career counselling, from techniques and trends to best practices. In depth discussions about the right exams to appear for and assistance in making better career choices, are some of the issues that we cover during the course.

This program consists of all that one needs to know to become a successful career counsellor.
The Career Counsellor Basic Course Details
Module I – Self
  • Know yourself
  • Self-identity
  • Self-excellency/self-therapy
Module II - Conceptual information
  • Defence mechanism
  • Thought process, thinking errors
  • Choice theory - quality world (Decision making)
Module III- Working on trauma
  • Rejection
  • Stress
  • Low self-identity
  • Hope
Module IV - Emotions
  • Emotional competency or quotient
  • Recognizing your emotions
  • Handling of emotions
  • REBT
Module V - Communication and techniques
  • NVC
  • Emotional language
  • Auto-suggestions
  • Mindfulness
Module VI - Relationships
Who should attend this course?
Artists & Creatives
Employers & Employees
Unexplained attacks of severe anxiety, which are accompanied by somatic symptoms (irregular blood pressure, arrhythmias, suffocation, etc.) and inexplicable fear.
Self employed professionals & Entreprenuers
Discover the 7 Seven Secrets of counselling
Available only after you complete the Basic course. The advanced course is based on real-life case studies, which enable you to counsel family, friends & members of your community.
1st secret
  • Walk alone
  • Working on self
  • Case study
2nd secret
  • Counselling room settings
  • Welcoming a client
  • Importance for right connection
  • Developing Rapport with a client
  • Case study
3rd secret
  • Active listening or constructive listening
  • Skills for counseling
  • Case study
4th secret
  • Empathy
  • Types of empathy
  • Case study
5th secret
  • We are mirrors
  • Identifying problems
  • Case study
6th secret
  • Working on cause
  • Working on effect
  • Case study
7th secret
  • Understanding Problems
  • Working on hope
  • Help in finding purpose of life
  • Case study
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