Enable health & safety professionals, security companies & businesses
Deploy Cowin at your business, and protect human life.
Protect your frontline staff
We connect you with health & safety (H&S) experts on-demand. You can alert your organizational H&S professionals, community leaders, incident management contact centers in realtime. Cowin escalation protocols are frictionless & provide valuable information to relevant stakeholders.
Quick. Effective. Available.
Onground awareness and community safety are possible through an easy to deploy Cowin platform.
Nearby Alerts
Launch the Cowin apps or platform to view local incidents & respond to a situation effectively & quick.
Hyperlocal Awareness
Cowin alerts you of new incidents, potential hazards when you arrive at new locations. Invisible threat detection is shared via notifications.
Team tracking & availability
You can manage your on-ground rosters, and view workforce health updates remotely along with other data insights from fatigue to accidents.
Incident Sharing
Support and emergency service response is faster through incident sharing across organizational silos. Cowin saves human life through real-time data availability.
Access experts 24/7, anywhere.
Connect with H&S experts, safety support and incident management teams on emergency response & immediate relief team deployment at locations. Keep your workers, customers and relevant stakeholders safer through connectivity & collaboration.