Reading: The Best Mind-Body Therapy
If workouts are exercises for the body then reading is an exercise for the mind. Reading has become therapeutic when it comes to dealing with mental illnesses as well as coping with stress.

The COVID-19 pandemic entailed a sudden change in all aspects of our everyday life. But introspecting and utilizing this time will serve as a gestation period for us. In the present scenario, we are fighting for survival and not thriving to be better individuals.

Reading is an activity which inculcates calmness and evokes mind vision. It looks like a simple act but is very complex yet magical. Today we all are living in fear and stress towards our lives but often remain oblivious to them.
According to psychologists, COVID predicted a steady increase in the number of readers. On the contrary, even existing avid readers were not able to read due to anxiety caused by the pandemic.

Whereas stupefying figures showed an increase in the number of users on entertainment platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime. Thus, eventually decreasing the number of readers. But the fact is this virtual world is harmful to our body and minds, and one must have to realise it sooner or later.

Literary reading has for many years been used as a tool to support mental health. One can use reading as an aid to regulate emotional and psychological build up in COVID-19 situations. The quarantine can be best optimised through leisure activities such as reading. Since we have ample time on our hands, we can improve vocabulary, memory, analytical skills, confidence, knowledge, socializing habits, and develop critical thinking skills through reading.
Home isolation has made people feel impatient, irritable, prone to anger, fatigued, worried, unable to focus, and constantly on edge. Here reading proves to be effective in dealing with isolation by making readers feel connected with the world.

As correctly said by Harry S. Truman, " Not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers." Keeping that in mind, we can power through this pandemic and build leaders in ourselves by reading more and more and stressing less and less.
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