Your workplace safety in one place
Cowin is an easy to deploy software - from contact tracing to incident reporting
Interval based symptom tracking for your workforce
Easily survey your workforce on their symptoms, ensuring healthy team members are dealing with customers.
Closed group & private tracing:
Keep your data personal, inform relevant stakeholders to ensure positive outcomes during incident response management - from isolation to disinfecting quarantined areas.
Quick Response Team Enablement:
Manage your team access to Cowin, and leverage real-time insights on contact journeys of your workforce.
Environment Awareness:
Cowin alerts you of new incidents, potential hazards when you arrive at new locations. Invisible threat detection is shared via notifications.
Incident Sharing:
Support and emergency service response is faster through incident sharing across organizational silos. Cowin saves human life through real-time data availability.
Data Sharing:
Share risk and hazard data across organizational boundaries. Benefit from shared hazard data in real-time.
Hygiene Alerts for Nearby:
Receive reminders at locations, & keep your workforce safe at multiple locations.
Swift contact tracing implementation for your organization.